i’m evel baby

i’m the evel knievel of emotional stunts

looking for my next snake river canyon to leave me broken on the cliff face

i’m on a vespa

prepared to jump through fountains of adoration

only for them to pipe lava at the last second

can this illterate fool jump over fourteen buses of childhood fears and insecurities

all while blindfolded and being beaten around the hands and face by the spectre of vacant paternal attention

he looks fat in that jumpsuit

the helmet seems to small for his over sized sense of self

not at all aerodynamic unless compared to the bumble bee

he’s riding a unicycle towards the electrified tank of half starved sexual appetites and his gimp suit doesn’t breathe

i’m evel baby

be my grand canyon of emotional disparity

my snake river canyon of yawning need

be my death

and i promise you a thrill ride until the very end

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