dream kiss, words

woke up from a dream in the middle of the night

like a world made of multicolor smoke it dissipated as i tried to hold on

pieces flash still coherent

racing down the street

my friend driving

an odd collection of faces i no longer make out

a van

we were late which sounds right for him

wrong for me

funny, that sticks out and bothers me that we were late

no clue where or why

nothing but the collapsing alternate world of dream

and it ended with a kiss

a soft one

a sweet one

my lips on hers briefly

pulled her lower lip at the end with mine

a slight moan

there is no face to go with that full lip

in the dream i kept my eyes closed so the feeling wouldn’t fade

woke to it immediately

tried so hard to rediscover the dream realm it took place in

hoping for a second kiss i could carve into my mind

i don’t remember the last sweet kiss i have had

been a while since any kisses


it is my favorite thing to do

now awake, with a pit of despair flaring in my middle

thoughts that i will never sweetly kiss someone again

and i don’t know who the mysterious lips belong to

a dream girl

i don’t even know her name

not her real name at least

maybe tonight i will get some whiskey

drink myself into a stupor

and not wake until i find her lips again

and learn her name


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