(un)titled dreamscape II

out of darkness i awoke into a fog filled alleyway of mossy cobblestones

the scent of the city hung heavy in my nose, of refuse and soot, and an underlying scent of copper

i stumbled on weary legs down the tight corridor unsure of my destination ahead

a scream broke the eerie heavy night and i moved faster towards the cries in front of me

and what i saw set the bile rising in the back of my throat, acridly burning as i gasped

he crouched over the body of a woman, blood sprayed against the walls beside them

his hands dug about in her open torso and he cackled insanely as he tossed bits of her to the side

he raised something brown and dripping to his mouth and took a bite, chewing and tearing loudly

then he turned towards me with his crimson stained mouth and smiled as he raised an ivory razor

i fell back in fear as the gas lights reflected off the wickedly sharp blade and meat between his teeth

i fell into the darkness as his razor slashed against my hands and face


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