dire beauty

black tar tears blister and bubble down her cheeks
rusted nails across the dirty glass of her soul
she has been seasoned with needles of stringent regret and left in the heat of tortured passion

the tinkling keys of a piano played like the loose teeth in her smile

an angel with moth wings and rancid claws dripping acidic bile that sizzles as it splashes across the loose folds of betrayal

rancor and barely concealed hostility
she vibrates just out of phase with the poison congealing on the stained sheets
the bag of broken glass beneath her head crunches as she thrashes

her chest ripples as scaled arms undulate just under skin
her ribs crack and shift

silent screams shatter against the blurred line of sensual and sane

flame erupts from her fingertips as they grasp for purchase desperately

alight, a flight
on ultrasonic reverberation

she is whole and unholy
trying to fill the gaping hole of holy rapture
or uncaring
of the crooked fangs and lapping tongues of wondrous deceit

she is dire beauty
in a world of unrelenting horror
love in a spherical tome of hatred manifest
the static hiss of a dead station playing hymnals of the damned to an adoring crowd of one


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