if egress means to escape and regress means to become less developed then my only means of egress lately is to regress stately and fall into the patterns of the past/evolving means revolving upon some bitter happenstance and seeking a solution to this mental revolution based on luck and chance/skywriting my feelings into the black hole silence of your tepid stare/rejoice at the lack of choice of the piercing lance of broken circumstance/you know the fool is broken when the words rhyme with no meaning leaving him trapped in dissonance as time and space come careening/spinning down the rapidly emptying sink in which i sink as my depression and loneliness begin to synch in a blink of uncaring ocular reverberations carrying me to the brink/floating like a particulate as i demonstrate the value of being nothing in this dream state i no longer feel the need calculate just overstate the simple math as it all becomes demeaning


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