plane, words

normally i am a good flyer

but the onset turbulence and sudden drop in cabin pressure made my heart skip a beat

as i struggle to put the oxygen mask onto my face and remember my cushion can be used as a floatation device, i cannot think straight

are we over water

what state is this

will they find pieces of my body scattered over a couple counties

what is terminal velocity

does the stewardess look nervous

why is she holding the little golden cross that was dangling between her cleavage moments before

what did the pilot just say

wish I would have had a whiskey

studies show being drunk improves chances of survival because the body is naturally more pliable

do i even want to survive

i watch out the window as the wing shakes and little pieces of metal begin to sheer off of it

the engine bellows smoke in great black gouts

as we clear the lower level of clouds i do not pray

fell on deaf ears as i lived and i won’t give the son of a bitch the satisfaction of knowing i asked for help again

i think of my loved ones as the plane begins to spin and rush towards the ground

i love you, i never showed it right, said it enough, shared my inner most feelings and fears and now it is too late

couples grip each other tight in a final embrace

i look at them in anger, knowing it has been too long since anyone gripped me that way

since someone looked into my eyes with adoration

spots form at the edge of my sight

this mask isn’t doing shit

so many unfulfilled dreams, empty promises, softly spoken lies

i watch the plane in front of me buckle with impact and time slows

the metal seems fluid as it starts to compress and shockwaves slowly undulate towards me

she enters my mind one last time

and then a chunk of fuselage follows her

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