airport moves, words

dancing in the nigh empty terminal, hours until my flight

soon i will be flying as near home as i tend to get

and as close to you as i probably will ever be

bowing to the ladies on carts, ignoring stares, lighter on my feet than the weight of exhaustion should allow

treated three ladies to a spin

this solo dance routine would be better as a slow dance, holding each other tightly and swaying to the beat of our hearts in perfect synchronization

maybe sneak a soft kiss, let it linger, blossom into something that sets our soul afire

pretend the world doesn’t exist except for us

ignore the disapproving stares, they are just jealous

should be

probably never seen the look i cannot hide when i gaze at you

impossible to hide

but it isn’t the case

instead i am here alone

without a partner in crime, no getaway driver

just a lone gunmen, running towards a stand off with the law that only ends one way

a blaze of inglorious suicide by cop

the only way to escape the lonelieness, to quiet the voices of dissent that scream through the headphones

gliding across the freshly polished floors in an effort to stay sane no matter how crazy it looks to passerbys

they don’t know the constant struggle

they see happy go lucky

they don’t see the same image i see in the mirror

the fool

let me show them all what it dew, tell em Grieves, tell em all

swaying to the beat only i hear, running from the demons only i can see, towards the woman avoiding me

airport blues 101

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