saint louis, words

security check in felt herded into the long line to the slaughter house

uneven lanes, the herd uncaring, heads down staring at phones

instead of the subtle hiss thump of an air hammer it is the call out for all electronics in the bins

half strip for the X-ray peep show, no shoes, no belt, empty your pockets please

no liquids, all snacks out, stand here, arms up, any metal

as an angry looking man with a shaved head i am gonna get extra love

hands swabbed, explain the nipple ring, pat down, wonder if i should tip this guy, really worked the under carriage that time

need a cigarette, both of us, he seemed oddly satisfied

literally board as they are about to close the door, barely sit before take off, cut this one too close

want the sleep but the sunrise over the wing is something to behold

the onyx sky to the left, baby blue to the right, like i am living halfway, straddling the day and night, the land of the living and the dead

the accumulation cumulous carpeting, wrought with Neolithic arches, vapor waves lap the wing

no sign of angels or land below

the rushing, the panic, the nearly missed flight, all just to sit and watch the hidden currents

until we dive into the ocean of gray, suddenly the line is gone as we emerge, a robotic pteradactyl triumphant into daylight

gone from herd member to icarus, all the wonder and joy, for once the turbulence isn’t in my head

a glorious thunderstorm surrounds me as we enter st louis

and the cycle begins anew

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