cardiac arrest warrant, words

spent the day learning the electric rhythm of the heart

of ventricle and atriums, current and flow, the machine that keeps us going

how beautifully crafted a pump

so strong, so important

so easily broken

I have been in a state of asystole for so long, a state if no electrical activity, self imprisoned by cadiac arrest for crimes against intentions misunderstood

no judge would try my case, no public defender would take the bloody and worn muscle and massage it back to life

found unfit for trial, unfit for affection by a jury of my fears

my only case was was thrown out with the trash i finally believed i was, browbeaten and locked away for the semblance of life

solitary confinement, involuntary resignment, denied any hope for parole

and as she stepped into the frame, refocused my plea bargain to include one chance with her divinity, a chance to maybe make the firing squad miss

an extension, reinvention, cross examination of being found guilty of love in the first degree

drawn to her like a moth to a bonfire, only to be quartered by doubt and denial of worth

sentenced to hang, convictions floating in the breeze

the electric chair enough to restart, her high voltage running through me like a junkie

to taste that sweet high once again after falling so low

a lethal injection of hope

my cardiac arrest warrant issued, heart seized and held for questioning myself

for daring to dream, a crime punishable by death by a thousand sting rebukes

locked away and throw away the key

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