a culmination of events a fractal shifting kaleidoscopic nuance bedazzled with extraneous narratives from the fourteenth dimensional fracture

it pieces together slowly, but not beginning with edges and corners

an ink blot rorschach vision from italian horror directors trapped in a blizzard in the desolate wastelands of pluto’s elliptical orbit

the pressure so intense it rains diamonds like razors that scream like ravens in mid-dive

impossible to tell from shifting perspective if the rabbit is torn to shreds or another raven hidden in furs

elusiveness is a strength the obtuse seldom comprehend, comprehension a tool the elusive never share, obtuse angles of a menagerie of inconclusive theorems litter the black board back ground

taken away yet left forgotten in the ragged talons of seldom understood foibles and fables whispered around the fading embers of flatulent farce

it was a culmination of ever shifting fractal diadems, spun into a kaleidoscopic terror as the thin shell between there and now becomes indistinct


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