as the mushroom cloud erupts in the not so distance, the first shockwave sending the ground in front of me into ripples, the first wave of fatal radiation a heat flash making all who stand against into shadows

falling to my knees and accepting the cleansing bath, the last full body orgasm before nothingness, sweet release from the mortal coil and thrust into the certain uncertainty of

fluttering like a moth outside the window, in search of the sweet tempting light, all willpower gone in the face of this all encompassing dread and

my two charges are sick this evening and I would do anything to take it from them, seeing them miserable is like a thousand black scars on your soul, this mental trauma and feeling of

swimming through raw sewage, holding your breath as a haze forms at the edge of your vision, everything takes on a frantic red tinge and you can feel your lungs beginning to collapse from the

compression from massive gravitational waves, pulsating out of a dwarf star on the verge of supernova, ever expanding and all consuming, with a scent of burning strawberries and

large black eyes staring out of the angular gray face, no communication except for vivid flashes of raw emotion transmitted directly into the cerebral cortex, the entire history of a dead civilization summed up in one slow

the not so gentle, rhythmic thrust and heightened senses, goosebumps and full body tingles, harder and faster and culminating in the complete exaltation of a singular

racing through a wormhole, light taking on mass as acceleration becomes abstract, indefinite outlines become cathedrals of gem and monolithic ideals given shape until all

is the final wave of pure energy, separating matter at the atomic level, rearranging protons and electrons into new and interesting combinations, Newtonian physics and dark magic like a vanilla chocolate swirl on a cone made of

battery acid and fabric softener, strong enough to clean any stain, even the deepest blot upon a porcelain soul, the life changing experience that takes over every aspect and prevents the most basic functions like

they sleep, heavy with meds and sullen with sickness, left me alone with the words I so desperately wanted to let sleep, the images forlorn and weighty, the feelings desolate and heavy like the perfume worn by

sleep, to dream of forbidden feasts and fulfillment, of filaments and retrograde amnesia, the pleasures of the flesh and the indomitable will of emotional codependency with a hint of

sullen silence, softly spoken lies and broken promises made in the depths of despair, and given like a gift from the divine into my hands, to be spread on the winds like the dander of a fallen beast, the seeds of knowledge and true meaning of

insanity and longing

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