he flapped his lips like an epiglottis in perpetual loop

none of the things he said carried any weight yet the gravitas in which he spoke them beguiled

like the steam whistle on a train in the middle of nowhere riding the track towards the end of the line

a controlled study on uncontrolled radio signals transmitted from his heart into a black hole hovering over louisville kentucky

he has traveled this country from coast to coast with no ghost to host in the totes he hoists only wrinkle his coat

shut your fucking trap you yammering dog scared of his own shadow puppet theatre

just give the rest of us a moment’s peace from the infernal rattling of one screw loose in a combustion engine gone dormant

he is a one armed bandit with no jackpot just digitized sounds of what an android thinks is love making

but he is one of us and if anybody says a word to him we will all gang tackle the bastard and stomp until all that is left is recycled news clippings of the hindenberg disaster


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