there is a maze in my skull
get lost with me
mitochondria make my cells
continue on
continue on
how long have i hugged
the edges
of the whirlpool
seeking the center
at the center of her eye
calm in a turbulent safe zone
the ball of yarn
loosely spread out
before me
behind me
a new spin on a cat’s cradle
for the morally ambivalent
two wrongs
don’t make a bill of rights
but three lefts make a right spread the bread crumbs
the beady eyes of ravens
watch for a feast
of carbohydration
drowning in solidarity
with the voices
echoing in the empty hallways
be my beacon
my lodestone
pointed always
towards your heart
beating me to death
with every supple
too long of a word
when an apostrophe
would suffice
i am just extraneous punctuation
in the story
of your horrible
no good
very bad day
lost in the moving walls
of the maze
by the subtle movements
lost in your presence
presents the fool presents
prescient precognition
sinking blinking thinking drinking winking shrinking cosmetically cosmic
cosmically cosmetic
diabetic diarrhetic
this speech impediment
that keeps you
from understanding
the instructions
on how to find the exit
of maize and bees
of haves and have knots
let me slip into something
a little more
relayed by satellite relays
on the ghost like replies
of regurgitated lies
the mitochondria
keep my cells continuing on
long after the ill fated
first expiration date
has elapsed
love is an addiction
a work of fiction
an ever spiralling
maze in my mind
get lost with me

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