crawling across the lava yet freezing

carrion crawl
the clarion call
strongly suggested need
into the lava field
of unkempt

lost in the space
of compact thought

bouncing across
the headstones
of every daydreaming ape
acting as if
the banana of wonderment
is really a knife
in it’s sheathe
cannot complain
when the blade slices
deep enough
to draw the ire
of sleeping gods

in the emptiness
of an overflowing
the courtesans sweeping
in four time
to the gargoyle’s
orchestra pit
in their own
vapid stomachs

in the end
it is all
a sprint into nothing
the abyss of absence
candy coated
and fleeting

it’s so cold
in this sub tropical
delusionary realm
locked in the mindscape
of foolish dream

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