stones, words

each prayer a stone cast into the stream

concentric circles, ripples in time, the cascading waters of eternal hope

swept in the currents of ego and void

pulled through magnetic fields, stretched thin, inside out and reversals of fate

the gods throw tantrums, drain the wishing wells until naught but coins remain

belligerence and belittlement

lightning branches and splits time, rewrites history, confluent universal falsehoods and flagrants truths

another unanswered wish, another ripple in the stream

dreams are when your subconscious touches the waters, glimpses into hidden worlds

where prayers are answered, and wishes come true

not our world

but one a step to the left

my left, your right

you’re right

are you alright

a thousand shards of glass fills the air around us, a million unanswered pleas

i feel my flesh torn apart by them

my only concern is you

i cast another stone into the stream, this one just for you

watching the ripples flow, i hope this one comes true

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