you will know

give it a couple minutes to kick in, she whispered in an evil tone playfully

how will i know it is working i asked nervously

you will know

my head snapped back as fireworks blossomed across my optic nerve

i was on the back of an otter, if it was huge or i was small is up to the scholars but it was fast and i was barely hanging on

we chased in the wake of spiny cacti and underdeveloped and overwhelmed brine shrimp in business suits talking on cell phones yet never glancing up

someone whispered lost secrets in one ear while another voice whispered vile lies until they became indistinguishable and i just absorbed it all

is it there, a voice, her voice, it seemed to coax itself into existence, reverberating from every surface

my focus unfocused and reconvened until depth became fluid and ancillary took a slight tap dance routine detour into the deeply biblical nature of nurture versus puncture

spoiler alert: we all win

savage sultans and narcissistic werewolves circled the bean dip in a sexual approximation of twelve peacocks chasing an ox

beams of light penetrated me, i couldn’t tell if the screams were mine or from the captive studio audience of ferrets and heliotropic swans

mythology and matrimony square danced as the fiddle played itself right out of existence and all i could do is weep at the transcendent fluctuation of stereophonic wax approximations

where i began and the sickness of the apple of her eye ended i don’t know

when i awoke the world had shifted three degrees and i was in a home for coalescing midwives in upstate oregon

sleep my angel, she whispered and the world went black


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