rarified air this clarified glare left terrified and bare, tripping over shoelace retention, detentionary practices of self punishment

fundamentally unscarred, unmarred, cast aside for the disbarred disenfranchised youth of scholarly disdain

left to wallow in the unfurled brow of happiness in broken glass car accident of home without the familiar scent of then

youthful indiscretion, truthful indecision, cursed and left to dry rot in the exemplary examples of what not to get caught doing

the rose wilted on the bush so carefully tended by green thumbed hands turned black with decadent decay, the dismembered corpse interred beneath giving only what was given by backhoe precision and first time offenders

the smell of floral scented insecurities made for the dizzying whorls of hayfever forgiveness and itchy eyes that crust over like the many scabs of tumbling in place but never quite rising again, have a nice trip, see you next fall

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