the steady hum of the dual solenoids firing rapidly, needles driving deep into epidermal artistry, wiping blood and excess ink away as the pattern takes shape, like a thousand nettles, an angry swarm of beautiful bees, lost in the endorphin surge, elevated the story of my life with another indoctrination, every new scar, every new symbol, another chapter drawn on the stretched skin of the wretched poet laureate of insomniac depression

addled, rattled, scattered and scarred

the past is myth, the future unwritten odes to dream, the present a blur of agonizing indifference

forging a new path through the darkness, self inflicted pain and the mental malaise of misery’s malcontent

mastered the art of tap-dancing on minefields, limbo like an invertebrate through barb wire, emotional contortionist, escape artist with a flair for unrealistic attachment issues

the fuse is burning, short tempered and over caffeinated, ready to explode, pressure sensitive and thirty leagues deep down

face towards enemy, trip lines strung about the room like the discarded clothes in a frenzy of passion

hollow spines filled with venom, diadematidae genus, pedicellarie and an overactive imagination

nightmares rattling, duality battling, an abundance of clusters of pain

lost in the sea of an over eager lack of ease

the privacy of an over sharing soul, writing the desolation of his life for the world to ignore, dissection and dissertation, curling up in his armadillo swagger, another insightful cascade of metaphoric insignificance, tossing nuggets of honestly in hyperbolic insanity, the greatest worst ever, the number one least wanted, shedding my skin and leaving a mansuit as i throw a smoke bomb and vanish out the closed window, shards of glass piercing external organs, pay no attention to the bleeding curtain, nothing to be here

nothing at all

just the skinned and bloated remains of what remains when nothing else quite sounds the same

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