red with white interior, words

mnemonia pneumonics

cancel the world

i need a break from the absurdity of reality

let’s make a headline together

steal a convertible, cherry red with white leather interior

we are staining the hell out of everything

drive it until the engine explodes

cool slow motion shot of us walking away from the wreckage as the car explodes

rain chaos down like the vengeful gods we are

judge jury sexual executioner

when things feel too real

the stagnant universe tries to force itself upon us

nothing we can’t alter sufficiently

head north

canadia bound

get lost in saskatoon

pick fights with the hockey team at the bar

slow dance among the bleeding and moaning bodies

the crackle of broken glass beneath out feet

start a cult in the middle nowhere

set ourselves up as righteous and fair

secede from the government

build an underground warren of tunnels, a utopia of subterranean bliss

once the population hits ten thousand and one

gas them

flee to europe with our ill gotten gains

do it all over again on every continent

militant softball proponents here

alien abductee soldiers of reverse fortunes there

build iphones and flat screens in the outback

settle down in antarctica and launch roman candles at the penguins

kidnap morgan freeman and have him narrate the combustion of the penguins

feed seals to our trained killer whale armada

if we can’t be the hero of the tale we sure as hell can be the super villian behind the scenes

start small

eventually have a fleet of red convertibles with interiors waiting to be defiled

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