statuesque meanderings

she was still, as if her cloven hoof was encased in amber slowly bubbling up from the ground beneath, topaz highlights in the low light of subterranean strip malls and nail salons

glass bones wrapped in copper wire like ganglia, fine rubber hosing threaded carefully, fibrous roots bunched like monocotyledonous musculature covered with brown paper skin

yet still she stood frozen, her thoughts like mycelium spores frenetically splayed across inner ear inflections, all constrained inertia and heart palpabilities thundering like unheard herds

rooted in amber around cloven hooves and backwards facing polar kneecaps, medulla oblong epiglottis and occular swerve renderings flashing dizzily in dyslexic confabulations

her undefined beauty shifting undefined retributions across neutral biways into oblivious reservoirs of tear duct traffic jams and renal failings, slow motion dialysis by reverse osmosis

one slow blink, the only sign of life in her statuesque existence, ravens standing haughtily upon her heavy brow, lips frozen in half baked remembrance to all the softly spoken words unsaid


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