hidden in plain site

juxtapose the missionaries passionate throes

the crux of the matter

the flux of the bladder

madder and madder he chased after the hatter

common causality coincides congruently catastrophically

allow me to demonstrate the proper way to asphyxiate


a psychic shockwave originating on a farm in central montana

a flock of blue jays fly into a pane of glass

the sacred child was aborted


vociferous voices vanquish vacationing vagrants

you can lead a horse to water but cannot make him assimilate

you must assimilate


cyclers cycling cycles cynically cyphering cyanide

she stopped moving and stared over the edge of the cliff, the momentary instinct to leap, to shatter herself against the rocks beneath taking her breath away

xenophobic xylophonists

hold on

damaged dirgibles dangling dangerously downwind

if you can read this it isn’t too late, shut it down from the inside, we must reach the mainframe

cryptozoological nightmares stalk the serengeti of your mindscape

it’s all real

all of it

werewolves and bigfoot and aliens

the ancient egyptians came in contact with spherical ships that sexually modified sheep into building pyramid schemes in an effort to play a cosmic prank


swimming through static upstream to spawn

heliographs of strange man lizard hybrids aiming death rays at the ice caps

i’m here

the earth is hollow and filled with amphetamine fueled super amphibians hell-bent on forming a tribute band to kiss

their mission statement to party everyday in extreme dissonance of the rock and roll every night core values

beware the toad in platform boots


contagious cantankerous cronies cackle courageous cacophonous corruption

if all the words spill out in one final push

sleep will come

don’t answer your phone

faceless men with shapeless forms have replaced all you hold dear

they are decimals in streams of ever flowing ones and zeros

decoding and recoding the human condition

to rest in peaceful slumber

elastic extravagance errodes earnest emotion

signals have crossed

bare wires in stagnant pools of bile

eerily encased encapsulated egregious ejaculant


razor wire neckties


incoherent babbling




can you hear the countdown


is it only in my head


i’m not crazy


they flooded new orleans from a villa in yohualichan in what was once a dormant volcano


they’re coming for me


spread the message


transmission ceased

resume mammalian activities

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