i am an amateur astronomer, studying the tidal affects of ever growing hunger and insatiable gravitational pull on light waveforms caused by black holes in the darkest reach of space

i am cheating though, watching in the bathroom mirror, witness to this dark birth in the pupils of the eyes that stare back, all of the light in the room flowing in weightless double time

refraction of the light she once gave like a simple blessing with just a smile

reflection of the pools that once reflected the pure and simple adoration

the birth of a world destroying force of unnatural longing and loss

amateur astronomy, looking through the looking glass, telescopic and flawed, the imperfection on the lens skewing the data, leading to inconclusive conclusions, the final result off handed like the words that cut, the compliment that elevates, exacerbates, illuminates the crinkle by her eyes

traverse through constellations of mythic mumbled monsters and heroic afterimage, the light absorbed, cosmic radiation, radiating, piercing the final forms of foreign bodies

tightening the asteroid belt, lack of nutritional value, emotional value, recreational prophets and part time holy men, preaching the end is near

and the end is near

oh, that end is near

every lie told in the arms of lovers another glimmering star in the sky, every dying dream an asteroid, every failed love a dead planet incapable of sustaining life

astronomy is hobby, something i pursue in an effort to understand the agony of love, a part time job that takes up all of my free time

as an amateur my theories are ignored, my analysis unappreciated and my years of study a joke in certain circles of professionals and more studious types

autodidactic and insular, i am on to something here, a break through in the field of broken hearted celestial forms, searching for that gravitational pull of my own

searching for solace in her heavenly body, the final frontier for my exploratory heart


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