bartering for berries

seething, she draws the knife from the small of her back and prowls across the rooftop like a crazed cat on a mission to cause havok, all the while smiling with sharpened teeth like the mouth of a shark with nose full of blood and jet black marbles for eyes

a catatonic ambulance driver with an opiate addiction turns on the sirens while racing down the deserted highway in a madcap bender that only ends when one of them is dead or damn close to it, either or another sedative is in order

is it blasphemous to consider oneself god when everything he has ever received he earned with pints of regret served ice cold in a mug made from the bones of another fallen father figure laid out in crucifixion stance on billboards across the countryside

she hunts, he swerves all while the other prances nude just behind the blinds as the marching band plays out of tune renditions of wagner on meth with the calcified heart of henry kissinger bedazzled with rhinestones plucked from elvis’s grave in sunny memphis

another sheep in wolve’s clothing trying hard to pinpoint the exact moment the marionette will burst to shower the adoring fans with entrails spun from chemtrails spun from faerie tales interwoven with the last living unicorn’s bloody hoofprints in the sand

mythology peppered with just enough truth to seem plausible in the detox sweats of a junkie playing solitaire with a book of matches next to the gas pump on the corner of go fuck yourself avenue next to the bibliotheca for illiterate bastards

the waters are muddied just enough that the albino mole rats can make out the distorted image of a girl with pearls running along the edge of nowhere in pursuit of nothing short of an orgasm that will trigger her bilateral vomitation center

death is a taxi with a broken meter driving in endless circles through the parking garage of the airport just hoping someone accidentally steps off the curb in front of the shuttle bus to the lower east side of hell or somewhere adjacent to lansing michigan in december

like bartering for berries with the older lady in a tie dyed summer dress and fashionable crocs at the farmers market right before it rains locusts down from the gates of what was formerly heaven but due to corporate sponsorship is now the amazon eternity center


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