triage, words

time froze

i could see every drop of venom she sprayed at me

the vein in her forehead popping out


i did my best to dodge the liquid as it splattered on the ground with a hiss and plume of smoke

her deadly accuracy and my innate ability to dodge responsibility working in tandam

a ballet of violence and erotic overtones

the matrix slowed down and sped up with less leather and a more erections

or a typical saturday afternoon

a triage is a list of importance in disasters

all of them point to this frozen image of her, venom glands engorged and neck frills at full volume

me doing my best gene kelly dancing in the rain

what a glorious feeling i’m melting again

transcendental mediation

everything is tied for first on my list and climbing in a nightmare pack of arms and legs and wet, moist plops

like a spider crawling in the back of neck

it tickles until it bites

rigid limbs and putrefied flesh is all that comes from it

then sweet darkness and the heat of fever

dream and reality become inseperable as the spinal fluid becomes acidic

simmering rage and salty snacks are the flavor of incomprehensible grief and longing

like licking the grill as the coals turn ashen

and still she screams

still i dance

my feet are lethal weapons of interpretive motion

a triage is called for

written on the oily smoke of yesterday’s hope

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