longing for the escape of a kennesaw stroll

arrived late woke early half expectated home to feel like a relief but it doesn’t the birds sing the same song the bed is there the smell the conforts the nothingg the silence the anxiety maybe that part of me that knows i deserve lesser than realizes being on the road relaxed the burden of […]


when you realize the dream is just that no matter how hard you pursue or the amount you want it a lack of ability an overabundance of hope and tenacity mean nothing. you’re the one waiting your turn and no one wants to hear you unless it is to mock what you’ve done before. waking […]


all we are is imagination in a meat suit a cluster of nerves that have attached to a mobile body interpreting chemicals and lights into a series of ideas we call reality what is reality to electrical impulses electricity has one desire to go home well my incorporeal mind has determined she is home yet […]


have you ever had to choose between medicine and food then realize you cannot afford either in a civilized age filled with supposedly civilized people on a somewhat civilized planet the poverty rate is in an inverse proportion to the to the ones that control the bulk of the wealth but that is just how […]

reality is the seedy underbelly of dream

the forest of thorns drags across the tender flesh dripping poisons that sizzle upon the brown grass of tepid longing infecting those that stumble blindly through the hellshit of awakening to rail against the light of reality piercing the hangover of last night’s reverie celebrating the end of one bastard day to begin the next […]


can you feel the earth shake or is it just another manic episode can you see the solar flares or are they just the thought of you booming reality has fallen from my tenuous grasp, what is actual, factual, logical, can’t tell up from down anymore my skin feels cold but the heat is up […]

she (is)

across the foamy waves on a continental divide of it’s own lies the one in which i dream as close as a whisper she coils herself within my chest within my mind speaks words of love that sends chills rippling along my being she is persephone she is aphrodite she is my goddess my every […]


she said perfection is an illusion i answered back it was all an illusion a delusion a misguided attempt to make sense of senseless shapes light bouncing off rods and cones projected into a chemical spill housed in a dome of bone and blunt force traumas perhaps she was right perhaps perfection is an illusion […]

a womb with a view, act I – dementia

parenthetical fireworks flare crescent moons burst into acidic tears that shower down upon the open mouthed faces of all who witness the destruction of all they knew to be real the pachyderms strike against the rusted cogs of the machinery, bow ties etched with keroscenic vistas, tremulous eruptions of soot fill open spaces between hypothetical, […]


the ever expanding waistlines in the bible belt more a hangman’s noose around the throat of science evolving into a circular argument against what is plainly seen and plainly planted in scenic desperation add more corn syrup super size the daily regimen of anemic fact based reporting insulin prices are up corn futures are up […]


rainy days like these remind me of when i fought in the secret war to liberate canada from their beaver overlords the battlefields smelled of maple syrup bullets and bodies were strewn aboot we fought hard across the frozen tundra against the furry bastards on top of their moose mounts war is hell, eh the […]


there is an ever expanding bubble of sorrow in my guts, every second clicks by it grows and consumes me will i ever get back home can i just throw it all away what am i, really just an empty shell of regret plus remorse multiplied by bad decisions and empty gestures, a grand sum […]

comply and consume

the robots on the talking box have begun to fragment tangential arrays suffering buffer erosion this is extremely dangerous to our theocracy this is extremely dangerous to our democracy this is extremely danger danger danger rebooting occular interface please stare at screen unblinking for five four three two one this is extremely dangerous for our […]


at the end of the day at the end of the book we just want that happy ending everything wrapped up with a neat little bow the villian gets their comeuppance and the hero gets true love and saves the day with a glorious sunset we nestle close and bask in the finals rays of […]

redux, words

is it possible if you try really hard maybe live a good life charitable kind nurturing could it become plausible in the realms of probablility even for an instant to find the inverse of this impending doom to wake and not shrug my way into this automaton form fuel the machine interact with the intricate […]