have you ever had to choose between medicine and food then realize you cannot afford either

in a civilized age filled with supposedly civilized people on a somewhat civilized planet

the poverty rate is in an inverse proportion to the to the ones that control the bulk of the wealth

but that is just how it is and no one really seems to care enough to balance out the playing field

instead we just sit back and daydream that one day it will be different and this was just a test

not realizing that we have been saying that for the bulk of our lives and it isn’t getting better

the choice between food or medicine only to realize that both are quite beyond our means

at least that is how it is on my side of the poverty line and for quite a few others struggling

when the food runs out the only option is to go out and eat the rich before starvation kills us

the corporations are considered people so that means they are serial killers in midst of genocide

yet we feed them and pick the scraps from their teeth like remoras in the mouths of sharks

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