redux, words

is it possible

if you try really hard

maybe live a good life




could it become plausible in the realms of probablility

even for an instant

to find the inverse of this impending doom

to wake and not shrug my way into this automaton form

fuel the machine

interact with the intricate flows of the cosmos

become one with the sacred golden light

or deer

or man shaped abomination

the polar opposite of now

shattered the hourglass of time

shred the tapestry of fate

burn the libraries of golgotha

blow out the flame thus erasing the gift of prometheus and casting all into a world of darkness and beasts

eradicate the symptoms of society

wipe the slate clean

and at moment zero flick a stone into the trajectory of the big bang

skew it slightly

thus allowing a shifting of the scales

and as life crawls from the primordial ooze

naked and shivering on a black glass beach

pulling heaving, burning breaths into weak chests

bouyant from the sudden lack of pressure

grounded and forced to moved laterally for the rest of your days

or hundreds of millions of years from now

and as time races to the present

for just one small moment

a fraction of a fraction of a second

everything is okay again

then the rubber band effect snaps us to reality

but for that span the world was at peace

and it didn’t hurt to exist

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