her ability
as an escape artist
the falling chains
picked lock
broken hairpin
empty safe
pulled up from the lake
in a puff of smoke
like a ninja
no sign she ever existed
for the faintest hint
of wildflowers
floating faintly
above the messy bed

she was exactly what you wanted her to be, the partner, the lover, the supporter, the dream

everything the stories say, the whispered lines of unwritten poetry in the silence of the heart

but once the seal is broken, those three words are given life, the unmentionable declaration

she becomes a rabbit sensing a trap, bounding away with no notice, just gone from view

as if
she never existed at all
all that is left
is a broken moment
of wonder
was she ever
here at all
just the memory
of uncertainty
aching doubt
a flyer hanging limply
this weekend
one show only
the amazing escape artist

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