turned to dust

he stared at his face in the pool of water under the bridge

wondering where the young man that used to watch him back went to

the one with hopes and dreams

the one that searched tirelessly for his missing pieces

he had settled into the broken

found himself in the loss

but he didn’t understand why he had to

where was she

all those bullshit stories of true love

true love came in flashes

a momentary glimpse before it all fell into pieces to be swept away with the evening winds

he couldn’t remember the last time it happened


the nights alone wishing for some sort of reciprocation were burned into his skull

but when was the last time he was more than a stiff dick on a saturday night

that reflected face wasn’t one that anyone would love again

a cool breeze blew and the water rippled as he stared

like everything

it was just an instance

nothing lasts forever

not love not youth not happiness


it all turned to dust eventually

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