lost time

i stood over him, he lay in a heap as the rain fell, his mouth gasped like a bass on the dock

for a moment the rain appeared crimson as if the clouds were bleeding as lightning slashed

everytime i screamed for help, thunder crashed, drowning out my voice in the booming

i closed my eyes for a moment, trying to take control of myself, to urge rigid legs to action

when i opened them again he was no longer there, the rains had stopped, the ground was dry

but my hands, covered in sticky red, told a different tale as the thunder crashed in my skull

i am losing time again, losing reality, lost inside the visions of horrific things i have done

23 thoughts on “lost time

                    1. Hahahaha. I follow so few blogs, the ones I do are places of special words. Emje is seeking richer fields, you are storing away new literature. And I pollute the world five times a day.

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