i am clueless
when it comes
to the opposite sex
i don’t know
how to play games
i don’t assume
so unless things
are spelled out for me
i don’t know
what is happening
this is why
i will die alone

19 thoughts on “clueless

      1. All I’m saying is, if I was able to write a kick-ass poem and then ended it with that line, I couldn’t have pulled it off… but you write it and it’s fucking perfect. I don’t know how you do it.

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          1. And I’m a divorced, OCD, neo-hippie minimalist who lives way off in rural Alaska. We all have our issues 😉 Pretty sure I’m 1) no prize and 2) don’t have a chance either. Just sayin’

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            1. There is a single Alaskan tundra cowboy out there who likes things in neat, orderly lines looking for you. I picture Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph. But not claymation (natch). Was that his name? My phone went dead as I read and stared at the ceiling. I’m a little loopy.


      1. It’s worth it. I’m in love with my complete opposite. It’s not for me to figure him out but I’ve learned how to love myself through him.

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