so lost without you, i was so lost in you, now all is lost and i don’t know how to find my way, i tried leaving a trail of breadcrumbs but the raven got fat the farther from home i went

now i just need to sit a spell, cast a spell, spell your name in the dirt, summon the courage to try and summon you back to my side, just so i don’t have to be alone in this cold and lonely night

but we both know alone is the only thing i deserve, while someone else keeps you company, let me fade from your grasp, phantom fingers clutch my heart and it has to end, i’m begging

i need you more than i’ve ever needed anything, so lost without you, so lost within you, i don’t know how to find my way home when home was in your arms, nothing else will ever do

follow the tattered yarn, winding it’s way through the forest, past the ravens that circle, i’ll be there, holding my head in my hands, trying to summon the courage to banish you from my aching chest

21 thoughts on “another(lost)

    1. thank you for reading it. and for the kind words. guess i was lost in the pits. ever listen to an album and it just kinda gut punches you? that was me. without the album.


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