i don’t celebrate valentine’s day
but i would
if you were mine
i would buy you a stuffed animal
spray it with my cologne
so when we are apart
it is like i am there
would be valentine’s day
i already
write poems for you
just imagine
if i could make them
come true
i would try
i wish i could ask you
to be my valentine
it wouldn’t be
just another day

43 thoughts on “valentine

  1. Funny(ish) story: my second Valentine’s Day with my ex-husband, he bought me chocolates and a gold ring with diamonds in it.

    It’s a funny story because I am allergic to gold (which he knew) and I don’t like diamonds (which he also knew). At least the chocolates were good. I would periodically pull out the ring and wear it until my finger would start bleeding again. 🤷🏼‍♀️ It’s the thought that counts, right? RIGHT??!!


      1. Don’t worry, Mike. I wouldn’t buy you chocolate gold or diamonds.

        Oh wait… I DID get chocolate that one time, didn’t I?? Damn it! No, wait, that was supposed to be an ironic joke.

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          1. I always say I’m a cheap date! Yes, I too love silver. That’s what my wedding band was, actually. I’m not into the typical “girly” things, for the most part. I mean, I don’t like puppies or kittens, gems or gold or traditional jewelry, expensive food, wine, fancy clothes, or getting my hair or nails done. I DO love cooking for other people though.

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