lush lifelessness

john coltrane plays
a wistful riff
that echoes down
my flaccid soul
playing against
the vertebrae
of another nightmare
left festering
across the sleepy
pockets of my mind

in daydreams like this
i know i am
just the soft piano
to the staccato high hat
that shivers
in the lulls
between notes
the back beat
to a symphony undefined

yet the saxophone
cries out an ode
to a lush life unseen
in the heady mire
of this infectious need
for more
of what there is
less and less of
dwindling stores
of necessity

my spine strung taut
like the strings
of the same piano
soaked with spittle
like the worn reed
among the last kiss
of the night before
another bit of litter
on the rainy streets
of tomorrow

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