self distressed expansion

the universe slows down for me
in brief moments of clarity
these insipid seconds
stretch on and on
until all of infinity itself
can be boiled down
into a craven feeling
of fear and remorse
these singular instances
dance across the cerebellum
like sparks drifting
from a lightning struck tree
split in twain
deep in the forest
of dark shadows
creeping across
the leaf covered floor
where light is a memory
hidden in the bare canopy
of limbs vying for a taste
of the sun that has long since
turned away in vague disinterest

is it the first fat flake of winter
or just another ghost
touching the back of my neck
as i scurry about
in a false sense of necessity
seeking the things
that don’t really mean anything
but all hopes are pinned on
having that secret buried deeply
that will unravel the mysteries
of why
of how
of existence
of making it from
one sunrise to another sunset
in a land forgotten
by the sweet touch
of earnest affection
spinning in place
to desperately affect the illusion
of moving forward
when all we do is sink lower
into the loose soil
of yet another daydream
turned bitter like the grapes
left to whither on the vine

the bones of the earth are hollow
devoid of marrow
as we tunnel ever lower
in hopes of popping out
the otherside
of this miserable boweevil
and moth ball infection
digging to the polar opposite
not knowing that it is mythology
science is just a set of rigid rules
that bend the hurtful act
of emotion
into back breaking insolence
with shivering limbs
and broken nails
we claw at the truth
to try and disfigure and recast it
into the lie we cradle
against heaving chest
as the spirits of fools
tickle our feet
and call it progress
it is a natural regression
this obsession with possession
when the demons we let in
are nothing but patterns
of self distressed expansion

(UN)POETIC: a collection of poetry

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