a cthonic carol

on the first day
of Cthulhumas
HP gave to me
a vision
of what should not be

on the second day
of Cthulhumas
HP whispered softly
words filled
with harsh insanity

on the third day
of Cthulhumas
the rats clawed incessantly
through the walls
of my sanctuary

on the fourth day
of Cthulhumas
i wept endlessly
as i was assaulted
by non-euclidean geometry

on the fifth day
of Cthulhumas
i stared mindlessly
as the great ones awoke
from sleep dreamlessly

on the sixth day
of Cthulhumas
i huddled fearfully
as the secret of aeons untold
were shown to me

on and on
the dark dreamer
muttered woefully
and R’yleh rose
out of the sea

the town of Arkham
lies in ruins
the Miskatonic flows placidly
all have been consumed
yet the hunger churns insatiably

in the end
even death shall die
nothing left of humanity
as the stars go out
we fade into obscurity


9 thoughts on “a cthonic carol

  1. Okay. I would NOT survive day four. Like. At all.

    But you know what, Mike? You are so flipping awesome. You are so brilliant. Ugh. I wish I could like, rub myself on you just a little bit so maybe some of you would rub off on me. That would be pretty cool.

    Liked by 1 person

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