hindsight is 20/20, especially when the backside is a 10

seeing her again
was like slipping on
an old pair
of glasses
the world was blurry
i felt out of my
field of depth
and in the end
i was just
she was like
a trip
to the amusement park
at first it was wild
every ride
was something
to be enjoyed
then eventually
it was funhouse mirrors
distorting the truth
to fit
her marrative
as all
of my money
on fixed games
i consider myself
i escaped
with slight scarring
and a nervous twitch
some of the other
poor bastards
that fell in
with her
were never seen again
i’m not staying
she killed them
but her nails
are always red
and i never saw
nail polish
with the stacks
of make up
she used
to cover the real her
until that one morning
i woke up
and literally
to realize
she was more
than person
the pheromones
the stench of decay

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