(un)poetic Release Day!

River’s post with links worldwide

River says it better than I possibly could have. But today the fruits of his hard work and my scribbled lines is officially out there in the world. I have no doubts Potter’s Grove Press will be a powerhouse in the world of publishing. River is not just a brilliant writer and poet, but he know his stuff when it comes to business.

To all of you that pre-ordered the book, thank you. To you that bought the paperback, I hope you enjoy and thank you. And to anyone that is about to purchase a copy, here’s to poetry and laying your soul bare.

There is nothing as humbling as putting yourself out there and seeing people have enough interest in your work to spend their hard earned cash on it. Two years ago I never imagined I would not only have a short story collection, but cap off the year with a poetry collection as well. I am just fumbling around in the darkness the same as everyone else. So from the bottom of my heart to each one of you, thank you. Thank you a million times and a million times again. I spent years lost with no idea of what I was meant to do. Then I found writing and everything changed.

So to any of you that want to pursue writing, do it. Let your voice sing. Do it for you. Fame and money are not easily attainable. But the freedom of letting your soul flow is unlike anything I have ever experienced.

I’m just going to take a moment to appreciate this singular moment. To burn it into my mind, so when the world weighs heavy I can still keep the lightning view.

Thank you again for supporting this Fool

Hugs and sloppy wet kisses


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