Checkity Check 1 2

hey there my dear reader

how are you doing today? good, good, at the edge of darkness, swirling ever closer and threatening to drown you? good. that is great. knocking it out of the park there.


honestly? No clue. none. 

cereally. I got nothing. discovered honey whiskey. then discovered vanilla whiskey. hmmmph.

story time?

what would you like to hear? something real? personal? fictitious? change the names to protect the innocent? masturbatory fantasies?

the time Maia opened the car door and a thong greeted her? the next day when I had to rush outside at 11pm to stop the drunken lady from getting out of the Uber in front of her and the girls having a sleepover?

meh. been boring. whiskey and smoke. Hank 3 knew what he was talking about.

been through a bunch of world changing bullshit. held it together every single time. this time? not so much. me time. drinking. being dumb. making poor decisions. 

living. in a way I haven’t in a long ass time. vanilla whiskey in sugar free white monster. 

fuck it all anyway, right? I just decided to lock rational up in a corner and let it think about what it has been doing. really take a minute to reflect on its poor life choices. 

piece of shit  right?


so much going on and it all seems so not important. got contacted by a lady last night. not that kind of contact. pervert. have a sense of decorum. this is not the place for sultry talk and sweaty whispers. 

would have been preferable. this was a lady whose husband had blocked me from her account on Facebook. a lady I had never even imagined meeting. the wife of the man my ex was having a dalliance with. ugh.

I let her say her peace. and then just Sasquatched my happy ass into the brush. somethings are not necessary in ones life. that was one, a new one for me. old me would have been incensed, not so much for this iteration.

glass is empty and that seems like a fucking shame in this day and age. 

Will I regret this? probably. there was a reason why I quit years ago. I will be damned if I can remember what it was. seems like a rash mistake. 

just checking in. letting you know that the recent spat of prose was just my head never shutting up. no deep meanings. just words. I stopped trying to understand them and or set them in proper order. I just let them fall as they will, a Pollock of the mind with none of the taste or restraint. 

hope you are good. you know, doing you and whatever. smiling. 

see you soon. ish. hugs.

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