Hercules, Heracles Tomato, Potato

So. Riding pretty high. 

also, got fired.

what does it say about me that i would rather daydream about a wonderful lady than focus on this hot mess?

where there should be panic and abject terror there is a sense of content

i am where i am supposed to be right now. this is my chrysalis and i am bursting forth

I gotta be a better looking butterfly, though I prefer moths. fuck me but I made an ugly caterpillar. 

but I am gonna rock the fuck outta my new wings

probably straight into a bug zapper or window of a car. I can only imagine that my skills at humaning will translate just as poorly to mothing. 

and that word will haunt my autocorrect for eternity. what’s up? mothing. mothing at all. is that a light? Fuck me it is. gotta explore

it isn’t bad at all  

I fucking mean it. feels odd, but I got this shit. somehow, someway

and imagine the desolation and depression this could bring on! a veritable mine of horror. the darkest places a person can reach into.

I am gonna make it. 

but it is more than likely gonna be fucking strange. 

chin up buckaroos, your hero has this shit on lockdown. I can do anything. besides have self worth

but I got a great bald head, a decent brain, a talented tongue and most importantly charisma.

who is next motherfuckers? what is my next feat to appease the Gods? 

I will divert the river and clean the stables. stop the rampaging boar. kill the uncuttable lion and wear his pelt. I have done worse and far better trials. 

and I will smile. because fuck them. they will not get the satisfaction. and I have reason too, so you can check my eyes and see if it is real

I kissed her last night. and all is right with the world


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