Stuck at the Discount Tire. A near death experience comes at a low price of 118.23. A steal.

With prices like these who wants to Not take a risk?

Fuck yes, socialism at its finest. 

I wonder what else has the rush of life ending but an affordable price tag? Fast food is a silent long con killer, as is drugs and booze. And the price is reedonk. 

Russian roulette in a brothel in Greece? The sounds of the cock fighting lull as the chamber spins. one in six. Greasy men in track suits clutching money in greedy fists as the hammer falls. A rush of color and light as it finds the empty cylinder. Dismay and disappointment as you grab the cash and hurriedly head upstairs with an erection and enough money to make one fantasy come true.

It involves ladies underwear, 20lbs of vanilla pudding and your mother’s favorite perfume. 

They will ban you for life when they find the mess in the closet. 

Worth it.

I wonder how many steaks you can get along with a shark cage for 118.23? 

If I were to put a price on life it would definitely have a disclaimer saying prices are seasonal. 

Like fresh fish. Some days you are far more valuable than others. Two tugs of a dead dogs cock today may be priceless tomorrow.

Depends on how the wind blows. I just set the scale, I do not set the rules. 

About to take this 118.23 ass home and chill until I get the kiddos. It took this many years to finally be able to attach a worth and it was far higher than I expected. 


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