Unicorn Hunting

The show was fantastic last night.

The opener turned out to be a local group calling themselves Cure for Paranoia. Very Chance the Rapper vibe from the MC. A lot of talent in him. Generic white guy singing generic reggae was meh and brought it down a bit for me. Would see them again in an opening capacity. 

The crowd was a sea of Facebook and texting as they played. 

BadBadNotGood was better than I expected and my expectations were high already. The effortlessness in which they play off each other and ride a groove was top notch. The upper limit of their potential is limitless. They played an hour and a half, or slightly longer and it felt like no time passed. 

Except for the me having to take the longest piss ever and getting trapped by the bathroom by a lady and missing Tequila. Song not the drink. She cornered me as I left the bathroom and all I wanted was to get back to my friend Kyle and scream Tequila. I got to yell it in my head. Not the same. 

It was the band’s first time to Dallas. In my time here I have seen Dallas as on of the worst concert cities. No one seems to come here willingly. This is a stop on the way to or from Austin. But the crowd showed last night. It has been so long since I was at Trees for a sold out gig. Amazeballs. I will make it a point of seeing them again. 

The memories of hanging out with the Reverend, watching Murder City Devil’s and general mayhem of Trees was strong. It is between there and the Granada for my favorite live spot.

So anywho. Great show. Kyle had a blast as well. Wish we would have had a group to enjoy the show with us, but it was not your typical band or experience. I am grateful I had someone willing to go with me. Even if he is a gigantic ginger lumberjack. 

and he is dear reader. with a heart of code. I mean it is probably gold as well, but I think he will appreciate my version more. 

The bulk of my friends are married now a days. So the idea of dropping everything to hit up a show is few and far between. I need a friend who is single and willing to do stupid shit with me. Or a girlfriend that will.

Unicorn hunting. 

Kids tonight. Sleep over tomorrow I guess. Missed you last night. Would have been great to look over and see you falling into the funk with us. Hope you are happy and well. You rule and I hope to talk to you soon. 

Hugs and kisses

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