I feel slightly calmer now. 

Music is the key to taming the savage beast methinks. 

A combination of Vince Staples and The Bronx is magic. Vince put out Big Fish Theory this year and it is wonderful. Yeah Right and Party People are bangers. The Bronx is just fucking amazing punk. Something about the bass and the growls makes it hit my happy spot.

BadBadNotGood tonight. Hoping to be blown away. I need this. Just fall into the music and let it wash away the day.

I love live music. Even bands I am not a fan of. Been to around 600 shows. Not all great, but all memories. Except the ones that I am fuzzy on.

I mentioned drugs before, Right? Acid and weed and booze galore. Other things as well. Anything really. I am a pop it into my mouth and then ask what type of guy. Or more accurately was. Now we just cruise with weed. But that was then. 

I remember once, on a whim we went to see House of Pain. They were my shit back in the day. Them and Anthrax. Still like both. Anyways. We found out that Danny Boy from HoP broke his leg the first show of the tour. This is preinternetz telling you every missed note at a live show. Who took his place? Scott Ian from Anthrax. It was incredible. 

Or seeing an unknown band named Korn open for Danzig. The millions of shitty punk shows at the Fireside, Thirsty Whale and Aragon. The Riv. The Metro. Moving to Tx and going to Trees, Galaxy and whatever the other now defunct clubs that littered Deep Ellum were back in the day. Never missing Murder City Devils. 

Sage and I staring each other down before an epic, sweaty hug at the Granada. The Eels a half dozen times. NoFX. 

The time I had a Funyun jammed in my eye on the way to Rancid and the Ramones at Lollapalooza. The mosh pit at Slipknot when every one started puking and it became this fucking mess.

Hitting the MTV douche with a water bottle live on the air. Thousands of Canadiens doing every line of Austin Powers in unison. Acid with Niagara Falls folks. 6 weeks in New Jersey. 

So many great times and music was there. That is just live music. The times sitting around and talking while albums play loudly behind, cruising whatever. It has always been there.

It is The silent moments I have grown to fear. The thoughts that permeate and take over. Music calms them. Silence feeds them.

So I will be jamming out a lot. Music is needed. 

Today you should listen to something new. Maybe a style you are not into. Expand. 

Direct Hit – Wasted Mind

Pears – Green Star

Arca – S/T

Blockhead – Funeral Balloons

Beans – Wolves of the World

Sage Francis – Human, the Death Dance

all brilliant. hugs

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