Turkeys Circling a Dead Cat

I saw a video tonight and I don’t know what I think, it looped over and again and I could not look away or understand the basic fucking concept of what I saw

it was turkeys circling a dead cat in this perfect fucking choreographed dance

strutting in victory of a stunning win in the war against feral adversaries

twenty seven seconds of world war two era propaganda to be shown between reels at the quarter matinee sandwiched in the middle of John Wayne and Remember the Alamo

remember our young boys fighting the scourge of Nazi cats buy savings bonds and sock the Japs right in the kisser

Rosie the Riveter transposed with a turkey, a self declared war on the holidays, thanksgiving is from a time before when things were simpler

they marched around the dead cat, proving to themselves that they were real and the threat was dead

I don’t know if I am the turkey or the cat, the victor or the vanquished, displayed or dismayed, I don’t know if anything even matters anymore

in a world where a group of turkeys decide to fight back against the will of a mighty oppressor do you stand on your own two drumsticks or march to the beat of someone else’s?

I’m with stuffing. bread, broth, sage and salt and pepper to taste

I am not the fucking cat

the dead patriarchal image cast down like a shadow from a stained glass window in an old Catholic church, the gold glinting and the boards for kneeling have that worn padding that says what is a little pain in worship of our Lord

too much up and down for me, and the eating of the body and drinking of the blood feels too culty and semi erotic. fifty shades of Jesus. stigmata masturbation scenes only shown in the Vatican

all those men and one whore of Babylon? sounds like someone had a bit too much of the holy spirit in thick ropey spurts

like a tentacle monster attending his first bukkake event and five or six rounds into the fun realizes he left his stove on and the last time that happened his son nearly had to have a tentacle amputated and the court is not lenient on shit like that

and around the dead body the turkeys marched, a vigil for the lost ones who died so that others could live

it is hard to be calm at a time like this

hard to breathe a breath or die a death or find that perfect spot for the Mic drop and a good night and don’t forget to tip your servers, we love you Milwaukee

one night my father got drunk and fell off of his bike riding home. he sat against the trunk of an old tree and tried to get his bearings. a turkey dropped down from the tree and proceeded to scratch the ever loving shit out of him

turkeys have seen some shit man, the cat never stood a chance in all of it’s predatory glory. like a man against a woman it is an unfair fight he has no chance of winning

I imagine a funeral pyre lit up the sky for the cat, that there was enough pride in the glory of battle to honor a slain foe, to lift that soul into Valhalla to feast in the mead halls and be ever spun back into the valor of war

somewhere on the world tree, between the snake in the roots and the eagle in the leaves, the squirrel frantically seeks someone to hear the news of the latest from Midgard 

a solitary leaf of mistletoe drifting silent on the breeze

we all march along, turkeys in a ring until the day we lay in the center, spent and left to be a lesson to future generations to use condoms and drink eight glasses of water and milk promotes healthy teeth and bones and to duck and cover if the commies come 

drink the kool the aid, they will be here soon with flamethrowers

I want to burn to death on a glacier, dehydrate on the sea, auto-erotic ashphyxiate in the center of the cafeteria during fourth period lunch

my French teacher once came to school in her robe, she was a little on the eccentric side. I took French to meet girls instead I met Danzig and the Misfits through a junior that needed foreign language credits

he was one of the turkeys, I see that now but then he was a cat. 

I was stupid

I saw a video of turkeys walking around a dead cat and I realized that if that doesn’t make sense than nothing makes sense

if we can not find solace in that than maybe we don’t deserve to find it anywhere, we don’t deserve to find it anywhere

we don’t deserve to find it anywhere

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