Amy, The Doctor and Vincent

that scene where Amy Pond and the doctor take Van Gogh to see his art at the museum. that fucking scene. As he stands there and listens to the curator tell the doctor he is the greatest painter of all time. to hear that his passion and his pain were understood.

As he stands there weeping in a room filled with his works. and he knows that no matter how he hurts, how little value he sees in himself that the world sees him through his works. and that he goes back with this understanding and is still that tortured soul.

fuck me. Fuck fuck fuck fuck

certain scenes are timeless and perfect. this one is truly that.

he hears the kindest words, the ones he needs to hear. 

we all need that moment

just our time to shine like the diamonds all this pressure has made us into

still the same carbon chain as the person next to us but shaped and colored by experiences only we have had

you are beautiful and perfect. every ounce of pain and suffering has made you even more perfect. 

the lack of sleep has me overly depressed. I watched the scene because I knew it would make me cry. give form to this overbearing dread in a positive spin

Van Gogh will always be my favorite. 

Like you. 

I am just a lump of coal, too stubborn to change. you are a work of art

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