when i write
someone out of my life
i always wish them well
and i always wish them
exactly what they deserve
it’s a polite way
to tell them they can
go fuck themselves
and while i don’t
really believe in
karmic retribution
i do find that you tend
to get back exactly
what you put out
into the world around you
i don’t necessarily
need to see the results
i don’t want to see
suffering being inflicted
even if it is just
i know i am crazy
a bipolar mess of swinging
moods and dissociating
so i am well aware of
what suffering truly is
but that is my penance
we may not get what we want
but life has a way of
giving us what we deserve
be kind to one another
and tell your loved ones
what they mean to you
in the blink of an eye
it can all go irrevocably bad
and there is nothing
we can do to stop it


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