prolapsed wonder

there is an
in emotions
that begins to
wear itself out
as they become
stretched out
as we worry
around the edges
like the neck
of a favorite
shirt hanging
the comfort
grows tattered
as it is taken
for granted
no longer does
it cling tightly
until it is
nothing but rags
a reminder of
former glory

happiness wears
itself out quickest
the limited supply
of chemical joy
becomes an echo
which in turn
becomes an itch
no longer scratched
as the burdens of
sorrow reaffirm
themselves in the
hallowed hollows
of breathless abandon
tears of laughter
now sallow regret
as the aching pain
dominates the day
threadbare hopes
for a new fit
in the hanging cloth
of encumbent sorrow
grasps firmly to
the pus filled sores
where reality is
the only truth

but pick apart
the tapestry of woe
and a hidden fabric
in deep relapse
reveals itself
a new pallete of
insidious shades
darker than black
in photonegative
surrealistic weaves
defying commonality
yet worn as closely
as a secondary skin
morphs to fill
the endorphin receptors
in a sublimation of
reciprocating agony
as those bright moments
of emotional wealth
turn to pauper’s graves
of bottomless loss
littered with
sharp tacks hidden
in the tall brown grass
of tangible need
burying themselves
in the bare soles
leaving crimson trails
from supple succor
to prolapsed wonder


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