faster than dread

at the height of
manic insanity
the rest of the world
feels trapped in amber
as i zap from
conductor to conductor
going too fast
knowing only a
deveststing accident
lays at the end of this
blurred painscape
collecting new scars
as my worn out soul
trails behind me
a comet’s tail
spitting a haze of
icy sparks to wilt
the landscape of a city
stuck in slow motion
as i sizzle from
frustration to frustration
in the blink of
the old crow’s eye
barrelling headfirst
into a brickwall of
sundered heartaches
another smear of blood
in cursive left unread
as time constricts
around my heartspasm
with rusted barbs driven
through to pierce
the canary trilling softly
always unaware of the
next impending tragedy


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