do demons dream of carnivorous sheep?

i wonder
have i finally
fallen asleep
the world is
still as a corpse
i (slept)walked
watching as
the planes
re-entering the
same cloud bank
on infinite loop
the birds aren’t
singing though
the static
carries the call
of distorted crows
which may be my
beard scraping
across the pillow
spiders crawling
across my subconscious
pointing out
all the signs
my waking mind
could not decipher
putting together
bitter understanding
rook takes pawn
as fool sacrifices
himself in a game
i do not have
the mental fortitude
to even spectate
i could be asleep
shivering in bed
where i have this
terrible knowledge
that will slip
from my brain
when the sun
rises at long last
and ignorance
is bliss again


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