buried in nettles

fingers of sunlight
entangle the lazy spiral
invisible clouds
an amalgamate of
dusty silver
bespeckled in the
alluvion echoes of
an infant crying fiercely
torn free of sleep
the last vestiges of
the ever comforting void
jettisoned apathetically
in exchange for
a harsh lesson learned
of the inevitable
disappointment in this
sphere of disingenuous
distillations of sodden
distrust for the things
lurking in the darkness
from whence we were
vomited wholly to
wither in our own discontent

when i close my eyes
teasing glimpses
of insipid nothings
taunt in jagged lines
where smiles once shone
i am nothing
a forgotten patch of
scarred rejoinders
buried in nettles
of fiery shame


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